Tips For Quick Home Cooking

Let's face it, time can make home cooking a turn-off. Want to speed up your cooking? Then check out these tips that'll have you cooking quicker.

1. Use your microwave

Use your microwave

It's not suitable for everything, but a microwave can shave many minutes off your cooking time, especially for veggies. Also perfect for reheating leftovers. 

2. Sauces


Sauces are a quick way of adding some flavour to an otherwise bland meal, and it's healthy too. Dolmio has a range of healthy and low-fat sauces you can add to your pasta and stir-fries. 

3. Speeding up your boiling

Speeding up your boiling

Hungry and hate waiting for that pot of water to boil? Here's a tip, put a lid on the pot and let the steam speed the process along. Another tip: only use how much water you'll need, as more water increases the boiling time. 

4. Ready to cook vegetables

Ready to cook vegetables

Chopping, cutting, slicing, this takes time. A lot of time. So get yourself some vegetables that are ready to go before you start your stir-fry. 

5. Organise your kitchen

Organise your kitchen

Have you ever watched that Modern Family episode where Gloria rearranges Cam's kitchen and suddenly he's smoothly grabbing utensil after utensil? This could be you. Have everything exactly where it needs to be and cooking will be a lot simpler.