Great Places to Live in the South East

Wanting to move deep down South? Here are the places you should think about.

1. Brighton


Brighton is a great place to come in and visit,especially in the summer months. Known as one of the most liberal parts of Britain with a thriving nightlife and gay scene, thousands call this corner of the UK their home.  

2. Eastbourne


Nestled in East Sussex, Eastbourne is another seaside resort that's extremely popular with tourists.  Its popularity is due to its cultural significance and events held all year around. Large in size-it’s worth thinking about if you're wanting to get away from it all. 

3. Dover


If we're mentioning Dover then of course the first thing that will come to mind is the Dover cliffs.  It's the major port for ferries that travel across to Calais. The town has other notable attractions such as the ancient Dover Castle and The Wartime Tunnels. 

4. Debenham


A large village situated in Suffolk, it has charm and a certain character to it. With a population of under 3000, it's a place to set up with your family due it's relative open space and community feel. If you're looking around here, check out some great homes for sale in the area from the guys at the estate agents in Stowmarket.

Wherever you decide to set up in the future, South England has an abundance of beauty spots to buy your first home or even a vacation spot.

Beaches, scenery, culture and history, this corner of the world has it all. 

South East England