Cocktails Bars You Need To Experience In London

In London town? Wondering where to go? Add these cocktail bars to your itinerary.

1. London Cocktail Bar

London Cocktail Bar

A lot of cocktail bars are a bit geeky or too fancy. In this basement setting, sit back, relax and let the good times roll. The staff are a bit over friendly but you enjoy that as the drinks on offer here at some of the best around.

Drinks to check out are The Smoking Barrel and the White Lady.

2. The Owl

The Owl

Looking to sit in a dark room and drink cocktails? Well The Owl is the place for you. The vibe in here is dark and mysterious, like its predecessor (Downstairs at Harrison's) - you can look like a king, sitting and chilling with your other half in this environment. The added leather booths give it that Batman Lair feel. 

Cocktail to try: Pete’s Ginger Brew

3. High Water

High Water

Situated in Dalston and close to popular hang outs that London has to offer, is the High Water cocktail bar. Once, it used to be a place where anyone stopped by, now it's a place where the industry experts come on their night off. This bartender's bar is a compliment as it shows people who work in bars appreciate what goes on here. 

Again, it's not a modern and sleek joint. Its low ceilings and wooden floors make it feel more like a place down the back of your mates house but that's not the point. Cocktails here are on point here, so remember that. 

4. The Gibson

The Gibson

The Gibson mighty not be the most flattering of names but don't be put off. Set in an early 20th century vibe, this place doesn't disappoint in terms of atmosphere and drinks choice. 

It's small and quaint and that adds to its charm. Stuck between Shoreditch and Clerkenwell, it's situated in kind of no mans land and it may find it difficult to fill the room at the weekend. If I'm being honest, its a great place for cocktails and at the end of the day, that's all that matters isn't it?

5. Satan's Whiskers

Satan's Whiskers

From the outside it might look a bit dated and even a place you would think's for the bin but don't let that be your final opinion of the best cocktail bar in Bethnal Green. 

With hiphop for the ears, a  modern setting and a more of a local neighbourhood bar than an upmarket cocktail bar, this bar is the best of both worlds. 

Great for a tinder date, for a catch up after University or just a general hang out, sit about at the bar where the kind staff (who are dressed who impress) will help you decide what you should try and what you NEED to try. 

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