Best Bars For A London Date

Dating in London? Looking for the best place to go? Find out the top bars to visit right here.

1. Bar Termini

Bar Termini

This is an unusual bar as it serves Coffee and Cocktails. Both operations come under the guidance of two people Marco Arrigo for Coffee and Tony Conigliaro for Cocktails. These two are known as the local dream team.

It's an intimate venue seating 25 people and standing bar service if you order an espresso.  So it's a wonderful place to come with a date to experience something different. If you're in London, prices for drinks here are on the lower site. For a quality cocktail you're not going to pay more than £8 although if you're having coffee it can be a bit more than elsewhere (£4.)

This is one of Soho's best kept secrets. 

2. Old Tom & English

Old Tom & English

This bar is great for a civilised night with your date in good old Soho. What might be good or bad as part of their alcohol license, you need to order a small plate of food with drinks. 

The selling point of this bar is the glass fire that is the perfect environment for a romantic evening. 

3. Purl Bar

Purl Bar

One of the most popular bars in London so we advise booking. Walk ins do happen though so don't worry if you do forget to book. Ideal for a date as the booths are very secluded and space well over the basement, so if you're wanting a quiet time to get to know your date then you'll get that. 

Cocktails are made different here, with ingredients and instruments which might not normally be thought of when undertaking cocktail making.  Jazz music is played in the background to add to a nice, relaxing evening for both of you. 

4. Zetter Townhouse

Zetter Townhouse

Known for its decor, this is one of the most unusual and well presented bars in the whole of London, and i'm serious when I say that. The clientele are a mixture of hotel guests and walk ins.

The bar is well spaced out so you can expect privacy with whoever you're and the bar food is some of the best around. Its advisable booking if you're visiting on a weekend. as it can get very busy. 

5. Powder Keg Diplomacy

Powder Keg Diplomacy

Here, you're going to have a different experience. The bar staff wear flat caps, mustaches if they can grow them and black waistcoats.  Inside you're going to find a Victorian and Colonial vibe that just works. 

It kind of feels you've time warped back to the Victorian age and 1955 at the same time, You'll find people of all ages here, drinking and eating at the bar and in the booths. There's a conservatory through the back for a more secluded dining experience. 

Cocktails are what you should try here. Great flavours are on offer for everyone. 

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