7 Amazing Cosmetic Treatments Only In London

In the LDN you can find a cosmetic spa for just about anything. While everyone knows about how to get their lips and other bits done, there are some amazing treatments in top clinics you might not know about.

1. Eyelid Reconstruction

Eyelid Reconstruction

While the thought of anything going near my eyes freaks me out, I am amazed by the fact that surgeons can fully repair and reconstruct a person's eyelids.

This treatment can be used cosmetically or to help people with burns and scars along their eyes.

Apparently, one of the common methods of this is to use needles that intentionally cause blood around your eyelid to coagulate (that when it clots) and help the eyelid from scarring.

2. Hormone Therapy (for your nails)

Hormone Therapy (for your nails)

Here's a fun fact if you didn't already know: your hair and your nails are made of the same stuff, and both are affected by your hormone levels.

While traditionally hormone therapy has been used to boost (or limit) testosterone, it is now used to help with everything from hair loss to skin tone to improve one's libido.

3. Laser Liposuction

Laser Liposuction

It sounds like something out of science fiction, but doctors are now able to point a laser at a person and get rid of fat.

Laser lipo in London is now the go-to treatment for people trying to lose weight without having to take time off from surgery. The treatment works by using a concentrated laser to apply heat on a fatty area (like your tummy or love handles) that breaks down the fat. 

You then pass the fat naturally and your weight goes down.

4. A big mud bath

A big mud bath

Ever been to a festival or big gig outdoors in the rain? Is there anything worse than slipping and falling in mud? Well of course not! But if you're someone who has to try every beauty treatment, you can always get a mud bath.

Dating back all the way back to when Egyptian royalty would take a long dip in a big tub of mud, apparently these baths are great for your skin's complexion and muscle pain.

I can only imagine getting out and feeling like I've applied about 20 layers too much of fake tan.

5. Chin Implants

Chin Implants

Having Buzz Lightyear as a beauty inspiration is something I've never thought of, but apparently a lot of men in London are getting chin implants to help improve definition.

It's a bit of a weird one, and I've read that the implant doesn't move like a breast implant would. 

Judging by the photo I don't think it feel like you're constantly walking around wearing a mouth guard but it must take time to get used to; especially when trying to shave.

6. Peppermint & Seaweed Wrap

Peppermint & Seaweed Wrap

Getting someone to throw seaweed on you and then wrap you up in foil might sound like you're being turned in to one big burrito, but seaweed wraps are very much in trend right now as a cosmetic treatment in spas across London.

While it might feel silly for someone to rub a mixture of seaweed and sugar all all your arms and legs, it is supposed to be a great way of removing dead skin cells and helping to exfoliate skin.

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